• 4 Things You Will Never Hear From an Online Entrepreneur

    August 16th, 2017 by
    4 Things You Will Never Hear From an Online Entrepreneur

    There are as several ways of running online stores as there are people living on this planet. Among-st all of the different possibilities of getting the things done, however, there are few ways that nobody in their right mind will agree to nowadays, let alone insist on.Imagine: what the online world would look like if the fictional outlooks presented below were the actual standards of thinking? Guess we will never find out.

    1. I Can Manage Online Store without online Payment

    There was a time when it was enough for the merchant to put their bank account number on their website, along with the request for customers to transfer money online. Now Days an online payment gateway has become a necessity for an online seller.

    1. I Never Get Returns

    Being an online seller every merchant has to deal with the order returns, even if everything is perfect. Some returns can be predicted and avoided by taking necessary measures and some of them can’t be really dealt with. Every online merchant has to take a well thought out strategy to minimize the returns.

    1. I Never Experienced Charge backs

    Have you ever heard any online merchant saying he never get charge backs?A very common cause of charge backs are fraudulent transactions – not much you can do about those.

    1. Online Security is Overrated

    A serious merchant should think about securing purchasers’ data, both the card info (it’s very important not to store it) and the whole purchasing process. Being PCI compliant and having a valid SSL Certificate are a must.



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