• 5 Online Fraud Prevention Lessons

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    5 Online Fraud Prevention Lessons

    The Electronic Media and the E-Commerce is wide known and wide accepted nowadays. The World Wide Web creates a platform where all the people from all around the globe are coming together in front of the Web Media connecting the lines of shopping and breaking the barriers of distance. As this is an area above the sense levels of perception it is likely that we may go wrong and choose the wrong one in our method of selection. So let us see how to prevent the frauds in the sector. The frauds are both found in the retail as well as in the individual market.

    Keep Certain Policies :

    We should be aware to keep certain requirements and requisites while making the payment. The individual has to be at the most careful glance when rendering the payment details or at the time of making the payment.

    Whereas; the retail sector, the group should be careful at accepting the payments. It is always likely to make a policy to accept only the payments made from well accredited sources.

    International Orders:

    Shipping Overseas or accepting International orders is a great chance for the fraudulent work. It has to minutely enquire that whether the order is accepted or taken form an acclaim able resource. The International Payment has to be made from an accredited method of payment.

    A Screening Process:

    Prevention is better than Cure. With this in mind the company may keep a step of processes where in they can screen the details of the customers and recognize whether the customer is a fraud or a genuine one. This process of Screening can also be done by the individual who make a purchase from an E-store as not to get fell in the pool of Frauds.

    Use the Security Codes:

    The Security codes that we usually use at the profile websites can be used here also to check the genuinty of the customer. Moreover, the credibility of the credit cards given also has to rechecked with the security codes. Card Security Codes help verify that the customer is in a physical possession of a valid card during a card-not-present transaction.

    Maintain the Payment Card Industry Complaince:

    These are a set of instructions or policies for Security Management. It is intended to help the team constantly and proactively.


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