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    Since communication is essential for transferring data from one place to another. In the early days, communication required a phone set, later it needed a computer and now a mobile phone (smart phone currently).

    But now the communication is something that plays a vital role in all fields whether it is education, business, job or fashion etc. You need to be in contact with others in order to enhance your business, getting business, online lectures and all. But for all these you need to have a secure, reliable and strong way of communication.

    VOIP system or Voice over IP is a collection of technologies which provides a way to make phone calls through an Internet Protocol (IP) data network, either via the Internet or your own internal/local network. It is also known as IP Phone service or IP telephony.

    The IP phone service is being admired these days by the huge multinationals and their consumers. It is considered to be something more than a way of transmitting information as it helps in reducing company’s expenses because telephone calls are made over the data network rather than the phone company’s network. It is also a means that restructures a variety of business purposes since it provides a smooth video conferencing and is certainly different from traditional phone system.

    Main Features:

    It provides following features to the users:

    > CLI ( Caller number can be seen)
    > Locally saved directories usually network-based.
    > Dials using name or ID.
    > Call transfer, call hold, conference call.
    > It permits a user to switch the call from one set to another set without disconnecting the call. It is termed as Call Park.
    > It ensures secured communication via encryption.
    > Provides extension mobility service.

    How the hardware looks like?

    It somehow looks like a mobile or comparatively a big telephone set. It consists of the following parts:

    > Touch pad to enter a phone number.
    > Speaker, microphone and headset.
    > General Purpose Processor through which application messages are processed.
    > There is a port via which your data connection can be shared via computer.
    > Battery or AC source.

    How VOIP system Works?

    The Internet Protocol routes the phone call over the internet thus reduces the call cost.

    The user just need to plug in the IP phone to the available LAN port and the phone is automatically registered at the VoIP system.

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