• Five Things Buyers Want in Online Store

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    Five Things Buyers Want in Online Store

    Online shopping is quickly becoming one of the trending way to shop for buying products, shopping online offers a convenient way to purchase goods and services from your home. Many online sellers fail to meet the anticipated quality which in return effects their sales.

    Here are five things every buyer want to see in an online store:

    1.Detailed Descriptions

    When you go into a physical store there is no need for an item description, as shopper can pick and get a closer look, but not in case of shopping online. But while purchasing online customer rely on product descriptions to help them decide the right product for them.4

    2.  A Mobile Website

    According to a recent research 60% of the audience browse internet from mobile devices. Thus it is extremely important to ensure your website is mobile friendly. This will enable you not to loose on huge number of customers who comes to your websites from mobile devices.

    3. Free Shipping

    Large amount of money spent on online shopping goes to shipping companies. Thus many buyers are demanding free shipping from the sellers. Free shipping will enable buyers to make quick decisions and will purchase product instantly as there are no extra cost Is attached while buying online.

    4. Online Payments

    Online payments is the need of the hour. As ecommerce is growing rapidly so does the online payment platforms. Buyers are more likely to purchase a product from an ecommerce store which has integrated a reliable payment gateway on its website.

    5.  Live Chat

    A lot of customers abandon shopping as there is no one who can answer their queries, live chat is an essential feature which can considerably increase your conversion ratio. According to a survey 63% of the website visitors are more likely to visit website again that offers Live chat


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