• Five ways to Make Payment Process Easy for Online Customers

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    Five ways to Make Payment Process Easy for Online Customers

    Making online payments easy for your customers is essential for increasing sales. That is why the checkout page is the most important page of any e-commerce website. In other words the checkout page is where the shoppers become your paying customers.

    Here are nine tips that will make the online payments easy:

    1. Offer multiple payment methods

    An e commerce store must provide its customers with number of payments methods. According to a research 56% of the shoppers expect the store to provide with multiple payment methods.

    1. Allow Payment without Requiring Account Creation

    Many shoppers are reluctant to sign up at multiple sites. They find this process as time taking and as a result they drop the idea of buying from that particular site. Many users are reluctant to sign up as they expect that they will be flooded with promotional emails.

    1. Never Redirect Customers

    Getting customers to your website is a tough task. Thus it is recommended that never redirect them to any other site. Checking out and paying will be the last thing people do, which is why you want your business’s name to be the last thing on their minds!

    1. Ask for Essential Information Only

    Limit the amount of information you request from the customer on the checkout page. Making customers fill long forms will result in abandonment. According to a research 11 % of the shoppers abandon the purchase as they have to fill long forms.

    1. Have a Clear Call to Action

    Don’t expect the customers to believe what to do next. When a customer adds a product to the basket provide a clear call to action “Continue to checkout page”.

    These tips will surely help you to reduce shopping cart abandonments and make it easier to pay

    Follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll not only increase sales, but also create an enjoyable experience that people will come back to.



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