• How Payment Gateway Impact Customer Experience

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    How Payment Gateway Impact Customer Experience

    Customer experience that visitors can have in your online store can vary from good to bad to somewhere between them. Offering a good customer experience results in higher conversion and vice versa.

    There are multiple components that count for a good experience in an online store. Payment gateway is one of them. Your choice of online payment gateway and how it is presented have a big impact on shopper’s experience. Choosing the right payment gateway will result in more customers and a bad gateway may lose customers for you.

    Let’s talk about how customer experience, payment gateway and sales are related

    How Customer Experience, Payments and Sales are inter connected

    If a customer is experiencing a difficulty in your store he is most likely to leave your store. The store owners need to great a user friendly experience from beginning to end. Payment gateway is an important component of this experience. If your payment gateway does not convey trust, it looks out of place and it is complicated to use, you may lose customers.

    You can build trust by following these easy steps.

    1. Make Sure you use familiar logos of payment methods you accept are displayed on your site. For example Master card, Visa, American Express etc.
    2. Display clearly any offsite payment methods
    3. Add Security logos. Use only if they are real. Don’t say you have been audited or use a specific SSL certificate.

    Making sure these elements are present in your site or checkout pages you can build trust in shoppers mind and get them converted.


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