• How to Secure Your Online Business

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    How to Secure Your Online Business

    Securing online business Is an integral part of your everyday practices. Not only from hackers but from spam, poorly coded apps, theft, lack of backup, lawsuits, insurance claims and other external and internal factors that can destroy or wipeout your business.

    Here you will find some measures that you must take to fool proof your business.

    Obtain a Business Phone number

    If you are running an online business you have to provide your business contact number on various occasions to several people.

    For Instance:

    a) Business Registration
    b) Credit Card Processing
    c) Shipping
    d) Vendor Forms


    1. Obtain a Business Mail Box

    Like a private business number you will also need a mailing address to get in touch with your clients, partners and vendors. Thus it is very necessary to get a secure mailing address to keep your business information secret.

    1. Secure Your Domains

    Once you register for a domain they ask for a phone number and mailing address. Thus it is not a god idea to provide your personal number and mailing address. Always use your business number and email.

    1. Use Virtual Private Network [VPN]

    Online entrepreneur enjoys the liberty of working from anywhere and anytime. The only problem from working from other networks is that they can hack your activities, login details and other private information which you don’t want to share with anyone in any case. Public WIFI is a major security risk for your privacy. Always use a VPN service if you are working from any other network.

    1. Encrypt All Devices

    Never think that if your computer is password protected then it is safe. To get access to your data all one has to do is to remove your hard drive and put it on any other computer to access al your data. Thus it is advisable to encrypt all your important data to fool proof your security measures.

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