• Online Payment Gateway Integration for Your Website

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    Online Payment Gateway Integration for Your Website

    If you have a website where you want to sell some products or services, you need some sort of payment gateway to receive payments from your customers. It is all too good to have decided what you want to sell and at what price. But have you paused for a moment and thought about how you are going to charge your customers for products and services that you intend to provide them? Many customers desire to make a payment using their credit or debit cards whereas there is no dearth of individuals who like to pay through net banking services. Of course there are some who still prefer to make payment using checks. To be able to receive money in your account from all these customers, you need to open a merchant account integrated with a payment gateway.

    You need to contact a company that knows how to integrate a world class payment gateway processor on your website and charges a small fee for processing the financial transactions that take place on the website. This company should have certification from major online payment gateways as well as merchant accounts. The system of paying for a product or service online is similar to how a merchant accepts payment from a customer using his credit card in a real world store. Instead of swiping through a machine, the verification of the authenticity of customer’s card is carried out by the payment gateway that is integrated on the website.

    To have a payment gateway, you need to open a merchant account. It is similar to a bank account and it is opened with the payment gateway processing company. Some companies ask for monthly and transaction fees while there are also companies that charge only a minute transaction fee for carrying out the financial transaction on the website of the merchant.

    Before hiring a company for payment gateway integration, make sure that it is affordable and provides a wide range of payment options. Also, it should be a highly secured payment gateway system that inspires confidence in the minds of the customers as they look for their safety and security before making a payment. Finally,, make sure that the payment gateway allows you to accept payment in multiple international currencies. This is necessary if you do not want to turn down payment from a customer simply because he has a different currency. The service provider should be able to complete integration in a short time period in a smooth manner.

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