• Online Payments Method in 2017

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    Online Payments Method in 2017

    First month of every year is the time to make several summaries, decisions and resolutions that are required to be made our business and personal life a success.

    Important Things to Consider When Making Payment Online

    Here are some points to consider while accepting Payments online:

    1.  Accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards Online

    Allowing your customers to make payment online is the most primary way one can accept payment online. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are among the most widely accepted credit cards

    2.  Always be compliant with PCI-DSS

    PCI-DSS is a set of compliance regulations that are mandated by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. To be compliant with PCI-DSS means you must undergo an on-site data security assessment annually.

    3. Choose a secure eCommerce platform and processor.

    Not all e commerce platforms take security seriously. While choosing an eCommerce platform or processor, choose a trusted and reputable one that has good reviews and are transparent about its security that they have in-place.

    4.  Keep IT environment protected.

    Majority of data and security breaches are due to human error. Even if you are complying with regulations and have top-of-the-line security systems in-place, you’re still putting your customer’s information in jeopardy if you and your employees aren’t trained in basic security measures.

    5. Use encryption and tokenization.

    Here are two of the popular words in security industry. Despite being often lumped together, there is differences between these two. According to Adrian Lane, data analyst and CTO for Securosis, the main difference between tokenization and encryption is how they handle the data that they’re attempting to replace.

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