• The 4 Best Microphones for Any Conference Room Setup

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    The 4 Best Microphones for Any Conference Room Setup

    Bad audio levels may leads to inefficient and ineffective collaboration. Inefficient and ineffective collaboration leads to poor results, and poor results can lead to some major issues. Our ability to collaborate is only as good as the hardware we rely on. In fact, clunky, annoying, incapable and confusing hardware is the exact reason most conference setups go unused day after day.

    Even going beyond just the room layout, your team might have some specific audio requirements for their hardware. Some setups might allow for users to mute their individual mics, but others might just be one single mic and muting would mean cutting out everyone.

    Usually you can also play with other functions like noise levels, wireless microphones, and some teams might even need their mics to play well with their laptops if your business is a big fan of the BYoD approach.

    Ceiling Mics

    Pretty self-explanatory stuff, a ceiling microphone can either be mounted and embedded into the ceiling for a really clean look, or just hang from above like a chandelier. If your conference room has  some really high ceilings, then a hanging microphone might be necessary to ensure it will catch every voice in the room.

    Beyer Dynamic Classics BM

    If your office is on a tighter budget, or looking to keep the setup nice and clean, this BeyerDynamicsmic might be the right choice. With the ability to embed directly into the ceiling, you’ll never even realize its there — also at a fraction of the cost compared to our two previous recommendations.

    Boundary Mics

    While a bit broader than the others we have discussed, boundary microphones are essentially their own class with multiple options to choose from. The idea is fairly simple, the microphone is placed along a “boundary,” which is essentially just a mounting surface. This means the mics can sit on your desk, or can be even be placed on the floor, like on a presentation stage.

    Speaker Phones

    Probably the more traditional option most are used to are the tried and true speaker phones. Except, they may not be very “true” in that statement. Speaker phones can serve as a great, easy option — although they can get very expensive if you want all the bells and whistles. More modern speaker phones are fairly capable, and now intelligent enough to work alongside your smart phone with some pretty cool integration’s.

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