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VOIP Consulting

Implementation is just as critical to a working solution as is the software itself. Al Alam Solutions prides itself to deliver a portfolio of consulting services to help VoIP providers accelerate their volume and drive innovation. Our global service delivery team consists of experts from technical and business backgrounds. Al Alam Solutions has a project methedology that has been fined tuned over our years of experience and we complement our client’s core competencies to maximize their business and to benefit form a deeper knowledge.

VoIP Providers often face hard- and software structures that have grown organically over the course of many years. We develop suitable technical set-ups to manage fraud and speed up latest market developments. Our experts advise clients on global VoIP set-ups including suitable local payment methods for end consumers, market compliance and provide support for successful penetration into new markets.

We think global and act local.


Global client support

We support you worldwide with a team that is on call to answer all questions relating to our services. Merchant support often beginns as the start of the frustration rather than the end of it! We have teams of real people in our Call Centres manning the phones 24/7, 365 days/year, ready to help, and Enterprise customers also have a single point of contact to help manage and centralize communication.

Our technical support staff ensure that we can quickly connect the right staff in your organization to the right people within ours because we understand that people in your organization dealing with marketing will not have the same support needs as the people responsible for integrating backend systems.

The range of services offered by us also include initial client-specific trainings.


Global Payments

Combine the right online payment methods to your individual payment mix

Add th right mix of fraud prevention tools thrugh one interface
Connect to the best fitting local acquiring partners for frictionless payments
Combine local payment methods to a perfect payment mix to target new shopper segments
Increase online sales with the right online payment setup for regions, market and segments

Payment options and digital experiences are evolving at breakneck speed with no sign of slowing down. Before you struggle to adopt, combine the right online payment methods to your individual payment mix:

Al Alam’s Payment-Elevation-Engine (PEE) enables merchants and acquirers to process local and global payments. The online payment gateway connects to more than 150 payment methods in 125 countries via a single interface.

With our online payment solutions, merchants can customize their own payment infrastructure for their individual business case.

With the right combination of local acquiring and a set of global payments on their online payment platform, payment service providers can boost their online merchants’ sales by up to 40%.

Let your customer stay flexible and target their shoppers the most convenient way. We guarantee hassle free payments at any time.

Offer industry-specific online payment setups for merchants

In global payments we are undergoing accelerated change and innovation and every industry has its’ own specification. Whether it´s VoIP, retail, digital goods, ticketing or else, it is necessary to have the right online payment setup in place. Every industry is unique. Be competitive by offering the right online payment methods for each industry. We support payment service providers by finding the right setup according to their individual business case.

Every transaction translates into the same language in our payment platform and we extensively automate even the most complex business processes. Whether you process different currencies, including virtual ones,  we only send added value tasks to the user´s task list. We help you set up your highly sophisticated business model, while offering all possible productivity to the backend users.

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Select specific local payment methods to reach new markets

If you’re a successful company looking for a solution to solve the pain points your growth has created, then nothing we say below will be a surprise to you. Payment service providers can increase their revenue by up to 40% by selecting the right mix of alternative payment methods in global payments. Every region, every country has favoured and most-used online payment methods. With Al Alam Solutions PaymentElevationEnginge (PEE), payment service providers do not simply get access to local payment methods, we suggest the most successful online payment mix, that suits their business case perfectly. For payment service providers dealing with significant high volumes, the solution must be able to take care of repetitive tasks without human intervention. We support payment service providers to keep their costs low and their revenues high.

Al Alam understands the need for flexibility while offering as many local payment options in global online payment solutions as necessary. Since every additional online payment option translates into an additional sales channel, it is imperative to select a perfect online payment setup.

Find out more on local payment methods by contacting our sales representative at




Adding the right local acquiring partners via one interface

We work cross-border with more than 350 processing partners to make global payments as easy as possible for payment service providers. Their revenues are always in our focus. We evaluate the best acquiring setup with them. Since local acquirers know their market best, we identify opportunities for payment service providers to achieve the best value-for-money ratio. With us they can be sure to have the right traditional and alternative payments mix, acquiring partners and fraud prevention providers, everywhere they want to go.

Payment service providers can customize their global payments setup according to their business case as flexibly as they want. Al Alam supports payment service providers all the way.

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Boost sales with fraud prevention in global payments

Fraud prevention tools in global payments are important as never before. Al Alam Solutions’ fraud prevention tools aim at what is most important to payment service providers: Lowering chargeback fees while increasing their conversion rate.

With the right combination of risk settings, they can boost their sales by up to 30%. Simply reduce acquiring cost through Al Alam’s pre-authorisation and minimise the risk of MID blockages. The right set of fraud prevention tools in global payments prevent fraudulent purchases before they occur.

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Dynamic checkout solutions in global payments

PayStream, Alam Solutions´dynamic checkout solution meets shoppers’ online payment expectations and prevents online merchants from fraudulent purchases at the same time. Based on HTML5, it enables shoppers to choose from a wide range of online payment methods that are displayed dynamically according to their risk profile. Seamlessly integrated – the PayStream page is seamless and completely flexible.

An additional benefit in global payments: Online merchants increase their conversion rate by adding any fraud prevention tool to their checkout solution to benefit from minimised chargebacks and repelled bad debts.

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